Thursday, November 24, 2011

Safety Tips While Finding a Date in Cyberspace * recommends that searchers should ascertain a high level of computer security. This can be achieved with the use of effective anti-virus programs and firewalls, reliable Internet connection, and strong passwords.

Furthermore, before joining an online dating site, read carefully its policies or terms of service. Also, research on site reviews to have more information. This will help weigh the pros and cons of signing up. It is also better to decide on how much information one is willing to post on the site.

When searching, Dr.'s Laura Rupert advises caution towards people whose stories "don't match up" and who utter "the same questions". This implies analyzing story details and reflecting on the other party's intentions to determine his or her sincerity. A person should also be wary of those who present themselves as "perfect", always in sync with one's preferences. Additionally, be suspicious of people asking for "personal information" that are related to finances like credit card, insurance policy, and social security numbers.

Genuine online romance overcomes distance.

For those who are already involved in an online long distance relationship (LDR), be careful in giving in to requests for intimate webcam chats or sending naked photos, for these can be used for something else by manipulative and scheming individuals. Regular and honest communication is key to making online relationships work. There should also be definite plans to meet and spend time together more than once. Failure to do this only means that the affair is anything else but serious. First few meetings (or until both parties are already comfortable with each other or have reached a considerable degree of familiarity) should be done in a public place; bringing other people along like friends and relatives could also help ensure personal safety.

*This is the last part of Searching for a Date Online and The Dangers of the Internet - Online Predators and Lawsuits Against Online Dating Websites.

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